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              Product Range

              Brake and clutch Lining Friction material, Bonded Brake Liner (in roll form) and friction articles there of (sheets, rolls, strips, cones, cups, segment, disc, pad and blocks) for industrial,power,marine and automotive earth movers application

              ISO 9001:2015 certified company
              ISO 9001:2015

              Products » GL 4004

              Material Description

              Non-asbestos  friction material with medium-high amount of organic and inorganic reinforcing fibre system, non-metallic,organic binding system by special synthetic rubber modified resins , very low friction level, high mechanical stability, stable friction coefficient at high temperatures, excellent wear resistance, salt water resistant?


              flat sheets, rings, segments, blocks, after drawing?


              heavy-duty industrial gliding material, sealing rings for rotary kiln, gliding rings, slide and guide plates?

              Technical Data

              Coefficient of friction 0,15
              breaking strength
              6000 N/cm2
              Compressive Strength 10000 N/cm2
              Gliding Speed 50 m/s
              Rivet Holding 1180 kg/cm2
              Density 2.20 g/cm3
              Max temp
              (Short time)
              3500 C
              4500 C
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