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              + 91 - 9422322950
              + 91 - 9423001362
              + 91 - 9423508931

              Product Range

              Brake and clutch Lining Friction material, Bonded Brake Liner (in roll form) and friction articles there of (sheets, rolls, strips, cones, cups, segment, disc, pad and blocks) for industrial,power,marine and automotive earth movers application

              ISO 9001:2015 certified company
              ISO 9001:2015


              We believe that quality is not an aspect open for compromise. We have maintained extremely high standards of quality of global level. We employ a wide range of technologically advanced inspection equipment which guarantees all all the work inspected and to the highest level of accuracy.

              Productions :
              Evaluation and control of productions by way of:

                  Daily monitoring of production system
                  Minimum Machine breakdown
                  ontime delivery performance

              Quality Control:
              Continuous monitoring of process & product quality through :

                  Monitoring,Analysing,controlling & improvement in product control & quality process from raw material to finished products.
                  Reduce rejection and wastage.
                  zero customer complaints .

              ?Well Equiped Plant:

              At Co-EFF we have well equiped plants with over 1000 MT capacity per annum?

              Hydraulic Press Line??

              Industrial Grinders??

              Lathe Machine??

              hydrolic-press-line industrial-grinders lathe-machine

              Industrial Mixer?

              indistrial-mixers-01 indistrial-mixers-02